Are you fueling your Athlete properly?


Are you giving your athlete a competitive advantage by fueling his/her body with the right FUEL before, during and after competition? Would you fill your car with 87 gasoline if your driving a diesel?, didn’t think so. So why treat your athlete differently!

Knowing what to fuel your athlete with and when to fuel his/her body is information that ALL parents need to know. Too many athletes today are consuming the wrong fuel before, during and after competition, resulting in poor performance, mainly because parents do not have the right information.

Click on the link below to sign up today and start receiving Weekly Nuggets on Sports Nutrition that will help you give your athlete a competitive advantage on-the-field and solid foundation off-the-field.

**Want a comprehensive Nutritional Guide? The Complete Player Charity has everything you need to know to properly fuel your athlete, and even yourself. Contact us now @ to order your TCP Nutritional Guide today.



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