Winning vs Development; What Matters More to You?



Has the development of baseball players taken a few steps back? Or is it just me. It seems that parents are more concerned about their son being on teams that win or have a certain name then they do about their son being on teams that develop their son’s talents and skills. So I ask you, What matters more to you, Winning or Development?

Some say that winning produces development while others say that development produces winning. People it say it all the time, “They are developing because they are winning, if they weren’t developing they wouldn’t be winning.” Yes, that could be true, but who are they victorious against?

To often today parents talk about how their son’s team won this and won that but when you watch them play they lack all the basic fundamentals. Not only do they lack the basic fundamentals but their baseball IQ is far behind. And sadly enough those same players who, at age 10-14U were on winning teams, get to High School and have trouble getting on the field.

So what can parents do to put their son in a better position to be successful at the higher levels? There are three things you need to find out. (This is meant for the serious baseball families)

  1. Who is running the organization or baseball side of things? and do they have a background in baseball?
  2. Who is coaching your son’s team and what is their baseball background? Do they have a family history of baseball? Have they proven they can develop players on their teams? Do they have a professional background? or have they just been hired to coach a team in an organization so that organization can make more money by having more teams?

If you ask yourself those questions and put the time in to answer them, you will more than likely find a team that can develop your son and prepare him for the next level.


If you are a parent who invests in personal lessons, give the same attention when choosing who you want your son to work with. The questions to ask are;

  1. What is the instructors background in baseball?
  2. How are current clients developing?
  3. Do they teach cookie cutter mechanics or enhance the individuals style?
  4. Are they invested in their clients during the lesson?

Working with an private instructor can be very beneficial to your son’s development. It can also be very detrimental to your son’s development? Being picky on who provides instruction to your son is an understatement, for the simple fact that your son gets more one-on-one time with this instructor then he does with his coaches.

So I now ask you again, What matters more to you, Winning or Development? and are you willing to put the effort in to find the best team and instructor for your son?



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