Preparing Athletes for Success Off the Field

As the demographics change around the country with more and more youth growing up in single parent homes there is a huge void left in the lives of our youth, a positive male role model. Not all single parent situations leave this void but most do, either directly or indirectly.

In the primary communities we serve, Prince George’s and Anne Arundel Counties, statistics show that these counties have a population, 30% and 22% respectively, of families growing up in single parent, female led households with no husband present. Within these counties, (29% Prince George’s and 27% Anne Arundel), 56% of the youth male population is under 18 yrs old. So it is easy to see that a majority of our youth males under the age of 18 could be lacking a positive male role model in their life.

To help the youth in our community The Complete Player is starting the Five Tools for Life Mentoring and Life Skills program. The purpose of the program is to provide positive male role models to the TCP athletes and help our athletes build foundations that will lead them to successful futures outside the sport arena.

The Five Tools that will be instilled in our athletes to be success off-the-field are:

  1. Academic Responsibility
  2. Social Awareness
  3. Leadership Skills 
  4. Family Values, and 
  5. Health & Wellness

We firmly believe that building a foundation around these Five Tools will not only keep our youth on the path towards success but will fully prepare them to be successful student athletes who go on to be respected men in the community.

As we prepare to launch our program in Spring 2017, we are currently seeking support from business’ and community members. If you are a business owner looking to make a lasting impact and help youth athletes prepare for life outside of sports, consider supporting the Five Tools for Life Mentoring and Life Skills program through monetary and in-kind contributions. If you are a male and are looking to give back to the youth athletes in your community we encourage you to reach out to The Complete Player and become a Mentor in our program.

For more information about the Five Tools for Life Program please visit Interested in making a contribution to our Charity and support the youth in our community click Donate Today to help us make a lasting impact.


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