New TCP Charity Field Trip Program

In our efforts to promote Baseball, Character Development, Academic Enrichment, Physical Fitness and Health & Wellness to our community, The Complete Player Charity is proud to introduce their TCP In-House Field Trip program.

The TCP In-House Field Trip prgram is currently developed for 2nd-7th grade students where we use the game of baseball to provide students a fun filled day of interdisciplinary activities. To get our program into schools in Prince George’s and Anne Arundel Counties we have partnered with Calverton and Riviera Beach elementary schools in their respective counties to pilot our programs.


To enrich and reinforce mathematics our curriculum is based on Maryland Commom Core math standards. Performing baseball activities such as throwing, hitting and baserunning, students will use data collection sheets to collect data and solve math problems which includes making graphs and charts.

Along with baseball skill and mathematic development students will learn TCP Character words, based on our Core Values, to help promote the importance of having good character. Students will also learn about nutrition and the importance of eating healthier and will be provided with healthier snack and drinks options.

Students will walk away from the TCP In-House Field Trip having learned how mathematics is an important part of the game of baseball, how nutrition plays a major role in their life as a student and athlete, the importance of having and modeling good character, and how physical fitness needs to be a major part of their lives.

If your a business and want to be a sponsor and provide opportunities for lower income schools to experience a TCP In-House Field Trip, or if your involved with the PTA or school administration and want to bring our Field Trip program to your school, please contact Executive Director Andy Schindling at today.

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