TCP/FCA Summer Camp

This past week I was blessed to team up with the Brian Szydlik of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) to bring the first ever TCP/FCA Camp to the Crofton/Bowie area. Our camp brought a brand new opportunity to the youth in our community to develop into “Complete” players – athletically, spiritually, and academically. In our efforts to help develop our youth into well-rounded individuals grounded in faith-based principles, this weeks camp was the start of  something special.

IMG_2163.JPGEach day campers learned baseball specific skills in the morning leading up to 45 minutes spiritual development through devotionals, singing and reading and learning scripture. We were fortunate to have Pastor Dave and volunteers from Mid Atlantic Community Church to help Brian lead in singing and devotionals. The theme for the devotionals was One – One Passion, One Pain and One Power. Living for One Passion (God and the life He gave us), One Pain (the pain we experience that helps us persevere into the person He wants us to be), One Power (the power that God has in our life).

To finish off the second half of the day, campers learned the “Pain” of being a student athlete by going through physical exercise (push-ups, sit-ups, hurdles and ladder drills, and lunges) performed by Gold’s Gym Trainer of the Year Matt Kortum, and mathematic enrichment activities. Throughout the day campers collected personal and group data that was later used to help campers find averages (means), total distances, decimal equations, and area and perimeter.

Over the course of the week we saw tremendous growth from players in all areas – some as simple as being able to catch better and how to field a ground ball- but most important of all, they left camp with a better understanding of Jesus and the role He plays in our life.

Thank you to all the campers, parents, volunteers and coaches and a special thank to Brian Szydlik and the FCA for partnering with TCP to bring the youth in our community this great opportunity.

God Bless!

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