Fear – How do you view it?

Fear comes in many different forms but one thing that is certain and constant about fear is that it will either destroy your chances of growth or lead you to growing into someone you never thought you could be. If you cannot control it or learn to embrace it, fear will paralyze any and all chances of growth you may have.

As scripture tells us, we were all born to succeed. We are all created with certain gifts and talents that are unique to us that will provide us with an opportunity to succeed and live a fruitful life. However along the journey of life many of us let fear destroy any opportunity we have at success and growth and becoming all that we can be.

For many, fear is the emotion that slams the brakes on life’s acceleration and leaves people idling in neutral. 

So what exactly is fear? By definition it is the feeling of anxiety concerning the outcome of something; to avoid or put off because one is afraid. I like to think of fear as an internal feeling of anxiety created by the unknown of a situation or circumstance. Once this feeling elicits signals to your body it will either excite you or intimidate you based on your learned behavior.

Individuals that get excited about the unknown situation experience fear in a different light – which generally leads to a positive outcome (success) and growth. These individuals generally see fear as an opportunity. Those that get intimidated by fear see unknown situations as a threat – which generally leads to a negative outcome and stifles growth.

At the point you start to experience fear you are now in a position to grow but only if you take action and retract from what comforts you. 

Individuals who get intimidated by fear usually talk themselves out of doing whatever action is needed to get over the fear and overtime this will stifle their growth. Becoming intimidated in fearful situations creates habits that inhibit growth. These individuals create a habit of running from their fears which intern creates habits of choosing flight over fight. Over time these individuals continually fall short of reaching their full potential and using their God-given talents and gifts by conforming to the restraints that fear has created.

It is very easy to allow fear to paralyze our actions and thoughts to the point we create a habit out of it, where we are always left thinking what if and falling short of our goals and full potential.

Individuals who see fear as an opportunity are the ones who we see growing and succeeding. These individuals create habits that lead to embracing fear, and in a way leave them searching for new opportunities to overcome their fears. They seem to seek out fear and by doing so it leads them to new heights and growth and takes them to places they never thought they could go. By seeing an opportunity within and embracing fear, these individuals are able enhance the talents and gifts they possess.

In all situations where fear is present there is an opportunity to learn and grow. The outcome from facing your fears is worth every ounce of the anxiety and stress while going through it. Because what you will gain from the experience you may never get from anywhere else and you could be left thinking “what if”. And what if’s are the stepping stones that lead to mediocrity. 

So, I challenge you to start embracing fear. The next time you experience the feeling of fear look at it as an opportunity to grow. Look at it as a challenge. Be more fearful of what may happen if you don’t take on the challenge. Be more fearful of not experiencing what good can come from it. Be more fearful of the words and thoughts of “what if”. You were put here to succeed and grow, now is the time to reach your full potential.

God Bless

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