Do Work! – 1st Annual TCP Dinner awarded $3,100 in Grants

Last Saturday, Oct 21, 2017, The Complete Player Charity held their 1st Annual TCP Fundraising Dinner at the Mid Atlantic Community Church in Davidsonville, MD. Thank you to our major sponsors Outback Steakhouse (Bowie/Crofton, MD), Belair Engineering, and Long Roofing for their sponsorship and support, making our first event a huge success.

Over the course of the night we awarded 5 student athletes with Baseball and Academic Grants ranging from $300-$1,000 that will help pay for college and high school tuition, tutoring, baseball team fees, and baseball equipment. We awarded a total amount of $3,100 to these 5 individuals.

The recipients of the awards were TCP student athletes who excelled in being great representations of what “The Complete Player” is all about – excelling on and off the field. From being a great student in the classroom, to stepping up and leading his teammates, to the relentless hard work to improve, to standing in the rain for an hour with a lost kindergartner, these five individuals were true representations of what TCP is all about. Congratulations to Gabe Rentas, CJ Marshall, Coleman Calabrese, Brent Spencer and Eric Rottmann. (CJ Marshall not picture)


To end the night I gave a speech on Dreams and the new motto we are going to instill in our players – Do Work.

Do Work means that we are going to show up to the classroom, the field, and situations in life with a relentless attitude to achieve success. We will enable ourselves to “Do Work” by Trusting our Abilities, Believing in Ourselves, Leading Others, and Competing Always.

Through our “Do Work” motto our students and athletes will see how hard work and a relentless attitude towards success will help them reach their goals and see their dreams come true.

Overall, our 1st Annual Dinner was a complete success! We had 140 TCP families and community members out to support our efforts and acknowledge the great work we are doing in the community. Not only did we hit our fundraising goal, we learned how to make an even bigger splash next year. Watch out for the 2nd Annual TCP Dinner! We are going to blow it thru the roof.

God Bless!

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