“Do Work” Series: Qualities of Hardworking Individuals

A few months back the church that I belong to started a series called “Do Work” which went into detail about how important working hard is and from that moment I started to really think about what it means to put in work (work hard). Everyone knows what working hard looks like and the importance of working hard but what I was really interested in was understanding what the individual person needs to possess in order for their hard work to pay off.

Thinking back on my career as a professional athlete and the careers of others who I played with, along with reading about highly successful business man and woman, I started to gain an understanding of some qualities that everyone had in common. I then started to look at those around me who didn’t work as hard and who seemed to not be as successful to see if they possessed the same qualities. And surely enough those that were not successful did not possess these qualities or if they did the only possessed one or two.

This is what I found; Hardworking successful individuals Trust their talents and abilities; Believe in themselves; Lead others; and Compete at all times.

As I thought about these qualities and how it related to me and my journey as a professional athlete I can see a direct correlation with these qualities during the time I was successful and more importantly I can also see the correlation of when I struggled at achieving success when I was lacking these qualities.

Over the next few weeks I will go into detail on how hard work can develop these qualities and how these qualities, combined with hard-work, will help you see success. I challenge you to think about how these qualities have led you to where you’re at. Or if you think you are working hard but not seeing the success you want, think about your attitude towards these qualities – are you exemplifying these qualities on a daily basis or are you lacking in one or more of these qualities.

I ask and encourage you to leave comments. Tell us how or if these traits have helped you gain success, or if you feel like your lacking in one trait or another how it has held you back. Whatever it is please comment as your story may help Lead others get to where they want to be.

Disclaimer – Please know that a person has to have some type of drive or determination to want to be successful in order for them to put in work. Just by possessing these qualities doesn’t mean someone is willing to put in work and will see success, it just simply means that combing and possessing these qualities enables your hard work to lead you to success.


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