“Do Work” Series: Quality 1 – Trust

When it comes to success, trust and hard-work go hand-in-hand and both lead to the others development, which will lead to believing in yourself.

When you set your mind to achieving a goal or pursuing a dream and you ask yourself, Do I have what it takes?, what you are really asking is, Do I have the talents and abilities to succeed and do I trust my talents and abilities?

Some will say that you need to trust the process or trust your instincts. While those are very true, the main thing that you need to trust is your talents and abilities. By putting trust in your talents and abilities you will gain the confidence to trust the process and along with hard work you will build the instincts you need to trust. If you do not believe in your talents and abilities, it’s hard to trust in the process because you will always be unsure if the process will work.

So how do you trust your talents and abilities? Easy, through hard-work. Working hard, or as I like to say “Doing Work”, is the only way for you to learn to trust your talents and abilities. It’s through hard-work where you develop your talents and where you find out what your abilities are. We are all born with certain gifts, talents, and abilities and born to succeed. But what we are all not born with is an innate sense of trust when it comes to this matter. Trust is something that is built, or learned, by putting in work.

As a 17-year-old I was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles as a Pitcher and before I knew it I was pitching in Bluefield. I also had an 80% baseball scholarship to attend George Mason University to play SS. I like to think that I was blessed with great talents and the ability to play the game of baseball at a high level but without hard-work I would have never developed the talents and abilities to do so.

It was through the thousands of hours of “putting in the work”, which consisted of taking ground balls, hitting on the field or in the cage, practicing my pitching mechanics, taking fly balls, or practicing catching pop-ups, when I didn’t have practice that day, where I was slowly developing the talents and abilities I was born with.

On your road to success hard-work acts as the steam-roller that helps to flatten-out the bumps in the road. It’s the hard-work that prepares you for the obstacles that are thrown your way by developing the talents and abilities you possess, which are the tools that will get you around those obstacles with the least resistance. It’s through the hard-work where you learn to anticipate, where your instincts are developed, and where you learn to see things before they happen.

So what is trust and how do you build it? Trust is never second guessing yourself and believing what you are doing is right. Trust is built through the continuous cycle of trial and error that occurs through hard-work. It is engraved into our mentality from the successes and failures we experience through hard-work. Trust comes from knowing that you have put in all the work necessary to succeed.

Trusting in your talents and abilities sets yourself free from the fear of failure and allows your instincts to take over. And it’s with this trust that you are now able to believe in yourself.

God Bless!

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