Are You Feeding “Bad Advice” Without Knowing It?

As I sit and read “Millionaire Success Habits” by Dean Graziosi the flood gates fly open. My thoughts start racing and I can’t wait to get them out. The topic that is driving these emotions is “Bad Advice”. Dean, I love the truth you share.

“Bad Advice” comes at us from all angles and from anyone and everyone. Dean brings to light the fact that it will even come from the closest ones to us, the ones who love us, and even the ones who created us. As I think back on my life it couldn’t be closer to the truth and it’s a reality that I see everyday.

Im not looking to offend anyone I am just going to give it to you honestly as I always do because if I am not telling you the truth then I would be lying to you and that’s not what I’m about.

PARENTS! TEACHERS! COACHES! Stop lying to our youth. Stop telling them to “play it safe”. Stop telling them how they shouldn’t do this or do that in an attempt to protect them. Stop guiding them toward living the same life you’re living or the life YOU want them to live. Stop limiting their beliefs and aspirations. All you’re doing is giving them bad advice.

“Your words will quickly destroy their ambition or slowly build greatness. Together, lets vow to do the latter.”

I couldn’t agree more with Dean when he says “In so many cases if you followed your passions and they didn’t align with friends, society’s, or your parents’ vision for you then they would put their arm around you and say ” Hey, isn’t it time to grow up?”” I heard this phrase said by adults all the time growing up and still hear it today, and it’s a shame.

Our youth today need people in their lives who are going to encourage them to be different or better yet, encourage them to be themselves. It’s so easy for our youth to get influenced today with the world at their fingertips. They have all the information they could ever ask for flooding their phones and computers with most of it being negative, useless information. Or should I say “bad advice”.

From YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Tweets and Snapchat pictures “bad advice” is attacking our youth from all angles. As adults it’s s our duty to start providing the truth to our kids. Telling them it’s great to be different. That they shouldn’t follow the crowd. That it’s great to have flaws. That their future can be whatever they want it to be. And most importantly, teach our youth to focus on their strengths and stop bringing up their weaknesses.

At the end of the day, we as humans have unique talents and gifts that make us different and too many times the world, and even people close to us, try to push us down the road of being average, and who wants to be average?

Settling for mediocrity is just an accuse to not push yourself to new heights – to stay in your comfort zone and not prove that your better than the next person.”

It’s our duty to push our youth to be better than average and strive for greatness. We need to stop trying to protect them from failure and encouraging them to play it safe. We need to push them to challenge themselves and make mistakes. Otherwise we are just feeding them “bad advice” and limiting their potential, forcing them to settle for average or even worse, quitting.  Like Edison said, he never failed in creating the light bulb, he just discovered 100 ways not to make one. I think it’s time we take Edison’s philosophy.

PARENTS, TEACHERS , COACHES!!! Stop giving our youth bad advice by telling them to grow up just because their passions and dreams don’t align with what YOU think they should be. Start feeding them with “great advice” by encouraging them to be great at whatever THEY want to be great at.

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