Sports, Business and Leadership: How TCP is Developing Future Leaders

To inspire 7th and 8th grade middle grade students to become future business leaders, The Complete Player (TCP) Charity has developed a unique after school program that uses sports to connect with students.

One of the most concerning issues for parents of middle school students today is, is what their children are filling their time with after school, especially those that come from lower income communities. With so many distractions in the world of technology its very easy for students to spend their time pursuing meaningless activities and becoming negatively influenced by the world around them.

To help students stay focused and on track for a successful future, TCP has developed a Business and Leadership after-school program with the sole purpose to motivate and inspire students to become business leaders. Whether students end up wanting to become entrepreneurs or pursuing a career in a specific business field, the goal for the program is to teach students how to become leaders.

Over the 8-week program students will be tasked with creating their own sport franchise. To do so, students will learn business fundamentals such as Marketing/Advertising and Accounting along with Data Analysis. They will be responsible for researching and gathering data, understanding and interpreting data, and using that data to make business decisions.

On top of learning business fundamentals students will also learn key leadership skills and will be put in real-world situations giving them real-world experience to build upon. For example, students will be responsible for contacting businesses selling advertising opportunities as well as soliciting businesses seeking sponsorships.

By the end of the program students will have gained valuable, real-world, hands-on knowledge that will prepare and set them up for successful high school careers. Our hope is they take what they learn from the program and pursue a career in business and more importantly view themselves as leaders and act accordingly.

Stay tuned for updates, pictures and videos from the program!

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