Day 3 & 4: TCP Mission Baseball trip to D.R.

The last two days have been non-stop. So much so I wasn’t able to sit and write about until now, so sorry for the delay.

Day 3 we finished off the house we started painting for the local coach and his family. Spending time around him and his family for two days was very impactful for our entire group. Seeing the conditions they have been living in has left me speechless and in awe and has brought true meaning to the word poor. It was an honor to be part of this project and bringing this family a house for them to live in that won’t leave them living in water whenever it rains.

Day 4 brought us a whole new meaning to a baseball field. As we arrived I thought we were just pulling over for a minute to talk but as I looked to the right this is what I saw.

From this distance it’s obvious to see that they just built a field in a vacant lot, but what you may not be able to see is that the field, even in the grass, is filled with rocks, and when I say rocks I mean “ROCKS”. There is no way an american team would step foot on a field like this and this field is used daily for games and practices.

After leaving the field our boys collectively said, “coach there is no way we would play on this field. How do these players not get a tooth knocked out?” Honestly, I loved that we went to this field and our boys were able to see how rough it gets for baseball players in the D.R. More importantly, they saw how lucky and privileged they are to play on the fields they do.

Both days again brought us games against some talented teams. Monday we were in a tough game that came down to the wire. There were so many great plays in that game it could have filled the ESPN Top 10 plays of the week. Both teams had great pitching, defense and timely hitting and best of all, our players who were playing new positions came through in the clutch.

Each day we had the opportunity to combine teams and play a game so our players and the Dominican players had the opportunity to play with each other. What a pleasure!! Our boys got so much joy from that experience. Thats all they talked about the the last two days.

These last two days were nothing short of amazing. Seeing the joy on Coach Francisco’s face and the players face’s and the pleasure in our parents face while painting has made our first trip to the Dominican Republic a very, very successful trip.

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