Be Enriched with Andy & Carolyn – Life controlled by Habits

“All of us are simply bundles of habits.” Rick Warren

Have you ever sat and thought about your habits? I mean really put some deep thought into your habits. Thinking about how you created them, why you created them or even how they affect your daily life. If your answer to that is no, then you are in the majority. If your answer is yes, then congrats to you for being in the minority. Not too many people take the time to sit and think about their habits, unfortunately.

I used to be in the majority, never thinking about the habits I was creating, how I created the ones I had, and I hardly ever thought about how I could change the habits I had. Now, it is something that I love to think about and something I love to get others to think about.

Believe it or not, our lives are ruled by our habits. We may think we are in control of our lives but in reality our habits rule us. When you wake up what is the first thing you do? Are you doing that consciously or subconsciously? Is there a routine that you follow? Or do you do something different every morning? If you say you have a routine you follow in the morning and make decisions subconsciously, then I would argue that your habits are controlling your morning.

“Most peoples habits have occurred for so long they don’t even pay attention to what causes it anymore.” Brad Dufrene

To help others #BeEnriched, my friend Carolyn Owens and I have started a podcast, Be Enriched with Andy & Carolyn, with our first series being all about #habits. We will be taking the time to break down the habit loop, help others identify their habits in and out of the workplace and will dive into how we can identify the root of our habits and ways we can change our habits.

Tune in every Monday morning at 8:30am EST to Be Enriched! We look forward to you joining us!

Here are the last two weeks podcasts. Episode 1 Be Enriched With Andy and Carolyn, Episode 2 Be Enriched with Andy and Carolyn – Careers and Habits

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